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Project Description
Cyber Nanny is an application for looking after babies when dad or mom are not home. It's a Visual C++ (MFC) that utilizes the Kinect sensor. There is also a Windows Azure component (Web Role) which allows parents to submit requests to the application into a queue that's polled at certain intervals of time by calling a WCF service via WWSAPI.

**CyberNanny **

This project is an application that I recently wrote for my first baby girl. It’s called CyberNanny, because it allows me to remotely see my daughter. It’s been written in Visual C++ (MFC) and it comprises different technologies like Kinect and its SDK, Windows Azure, Web Services and Office Automation via Outlook.

The CyberNanny concept is simple but it has some moving pieces, a thick-client captures frames with the Kinect sensor and it also allows taking pictures, at the same time there is a timer which spawns a thread responsible for polling a queue hosted in Windows Azure, if any message exists in the queue is processed by the application, a picture is taken, an email is composed and the picture is attached to the email before sending. The requests are inserted into the queue via an ASP.NET page.


I would like to add extra features like:
  • Motion Detection
  • Speech Recognition
  • Sending of SMS (Text Messages) in case an event occurs (e.g.: Baby cries)

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